Posted by: Christian Verstraete | September 28, 2010

Cloud needs the Internet

I have been travelling through the US the last 10 days, talking to people about cloud computing and how it will influence our way of working moving forward. As we put more and more information in the cloud and increasingly depend on the cloud to access our services.

Well, last Friday I checked into my hotel room in Palo Alto California around 4PM, and tried to get on the internet to access my email. Interestingly, my PC kept telling me I only had local access. Calling the front desk, I learned that Palo Alto was out of internet access till 7:30 that evening. Can you believe that, we are in the middle of the silicon valley and don’t have internet access.

Beside the point I could not read my email, it demonstrated the vulnerability of the cloud. The internet becomes the critical bottleneck in the cloud, and frankly, I do not believe this is taken seriously enough. I do not see service providers taking serious steps in ensuring availability of quality services all along. What-ever the reason was of this outage, it sounds unbelievable to me there was no alternative routes.

This morning I got an SMS from my admin, she was unemployed, as her internet provider did not deliver. She could not get online and access the services she needed.

Companies are pushing their employees to work from home, on the route etc., while pushing them to use cloud services. But we rely on service providers to link us to the cloud, and guess what, that is where things fall apart occasionally. And there is no way we can complain about this, who should we complain to?    

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