Posted by: Christian Verstraete | January 27, 2010

Google, China & the Cloud Wars, anything to worry about?

Google will quit China, they have been hacked by Chinese hackers, who took advantage of a vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer. There are many explanations of why Google has threatened to leave. One even points out that China exposed Google’s hypocrisy. Forbes point out that Google needs China. Regardless of the reasons and the politics, this is not good news. Google actually understood that very well as they defend cloud computing despite everything.

It’s not so much the fact Google is leaving China that is the problem, but rather the fact a government decides which information can/cannot be shared. Isn’t China quickly becoming the manufacturing hub of the world? And as our supply chains are stretching and becoming leaner, we increasingly need to share information across that supply chain. Having a third party ruling what can and cannot be shared is an issue.

Whether the Chinese government did hack or not, is beside the point. It is worth noting that the hacking followed Google’s refusal to filter information closely. This is a disturbing fact. It looks like, when teaming up with a Chinese partner, we may put ourselves at risk to be “hacked” if we do not follow the Chinese governmental rules.

You may feel I am paranoid, and there might be some of that. However, I have not heard any reassuring news from the Chinese government. Moving to cloud computing increases our exposure as it externalizes an increased amount of information, while using standard and well documented protocols for access. Where China may make a lot of sense from a financial perspective, we may have to think a little more about the intangible implications.

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